Do you exercise? At home or at the gym? Most of us have changed our behaviors and switched to digital fitness to stay in shape – especially because of the COVID lockdown.

Today’s guest is Jimmy Davis, Head of Acquisition and CRM at Fiit, an app that is trying to build a community of fitness lovers to ensure that digital and physical fitness complement one another – just like a marriage.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Behind the Brand: Fiit focuses on high-intensity and interval training for fitness lovers

✔️ Growth Forecast: Digital fitness is still in its infancy, but is growing at a rapid rate

✔️ Community Features: Encourage competition, participation, group support, challenges

✔️ Open Ecosystem: Calibrates w/wearable devices to offer feedback to everyday athletes

✔️ Fiit International Positioning: New country, market, culture, competition, and partnerships

✔️ Performance Marketing: Key pillar of Fiit’s growth strategy by understanding users

✔️ Android or iOS? iOS

✔️ What apps and features would Jimmy miss most? Maps, Slack, and WhatsApp

✔️ What is missing from mobile app technology? Connected devices/equipment, virtual reality, and camera and motion technology

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Jimmy Davis:

“Our logo, the two ii’s actually represent two people, which kind of showcases that we’re trying to build a community of fitness lovers.”

“Before the pandemic, the digitalization of fitness was well on its way. Like the digitalization of many industries, it’s inevitable. That’s not to say we believe that digital fitness is going to replace physical fitness.”

“We believe that we’re going to live in a world where they both complement one another, and we want to work with physical spaces to really ensure that users and gym members have a holistic way of training.”

“We are now a brand that is actually on people’s radar. Other brands come to us.”

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