So it’s Monday morning, you’re sitting at your desk, taking a sip from your coffee mug and go like “Ok, I know my app’s user base isn’t growing as I planned. That’s obvious. I need to try another channel. Hm….”

Let me interrupt your thinking at this point, that thing you’re looking for right now is Influencer marketing. This is how you can reach out more people that need your app and get them excited about it.

To unpack Influencer Marketing for you, I’ve got a today Nadia to talk about types of apps it fits the best, how to reach out the right Influencers, what to expect and more.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • What types of apps do fit for an Influencer marketing campaign
  • Examples of apps for those Influencer marketing campaigns were ran
  • In-house vs. hiring an influencer marketing agency
  • KPIs to assess an influencer marketing campaign efficiency
  • How Influencer marketing helps apps to go international
  • Influencer marketing trends for 2023
  • Android or iOS? iOS
  • What was Nadia’s first mobile phone? Motorola Razr
  • What features would Nadia miss the most leaving his smartphone at home? Apple Pay
  • What’s missing from mobile app technology? More features for the Health app

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Nadia Bubennikova:

”Basically on this platform we have coaches from different spheres that teach end-users on the platform how to get a specific skill, like how to play a guitar, learn a specific language, basically anything you can image. Seems pretty easy, like a nice feet for the Influencer marketing but there is a catch. That catch is that, in this case, our goal was not to drive not a general audience and the end user of the product that would learn some skills, but to recruit coaches of some very specific skills.

That would sound strange but for me the most awful would be disconnected from the campaigns, from the work because Influencer marketing never stops.

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