Retain or not retain? That’s the question when it comes to app retention -the most important metric that app marketers and publishers  focus on today.

Generally speaking, on average it costs up to 7x to find a new custom than to retain an existing one. So for app marketers it means if they succeed in retaining their app users, they are better off to spend their marketing budget more efficiently and increase their app business ROI.

Today’s guest is Darren Last, Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Delivery Consultant at Shell Global. Shell’s mobile apps drive loyalty rewards and utility convenience. Fill up on coffee or fuel, and get going!

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Banks to Websites: Darren wanted to be a day trader but shifted to digital transformation

✔️ Shell Global App: Available in 30+ countries, but not the same in every market

✔️ Useful Feature: Shell Global App is primarily a loyalty app for utility and fuel convenience

✔️ Biggest Challenge: Promotional campaigns for new features/toolkits in local markets

✔️ Strategy: Optimize features to fit with customers’ experience for value and retention

✔️ Back to Basics: Core proposition, data, features, and reasons to return to use app

✔️ Key App Elements: KPIs, ratings, reviews, retention rates, and active usage

✔️ Improve app retention via product, experience, marketing campaigns, testing, analytics

Links and Resources:

Darren Last on LinkedIn

Last Consulting

Shell App

Tweets/Quotes by Darren Last:

“All the features and functionalities are then localized by local marketing teams.”

“It’s quite a complex app, if you want, but it isn’t the same in every market. It has different features and different variations in these markets.”

Don’t go by your gut feel. Rely on hard data and listen to your customers to give them what they want. Not what you think they want.

Nothing’s ever perfect. Continue optimization lifecycle.”

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