How do app marketers engage consumers and keep them using their apps? This is not a trivial question. For the last several years, one of the top problems marketers had with their apps was a User Churn. The numbers are staggering – around 30% of users used an app within the first day since they had downloaded it and only about 10% or less within the next 30 days. 

But don’t lose sleep over app retention and engagement questions. Today’s guest is Tommy Yannopoulos, Director of Sales at Remerge. Tommy talks about the economics of mobile app retargeting to re-engage consumers.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️  Mobile Marketing Industry: Valuable learning experience getting acquired by competitors

✔️  Retarget: Engage consumers when they are not on your property to complete an action

✔️  Performance Marketing: Math equation that everyone is trying to crack and scale

✔️  User Acquisition: Communicate consistently with consumers

✔️  App Ecosystem: Losing consumers is part of the game; reduce churn to relate to brand

✔️  Audience Segments: First-time and previous purchases present different behaviors

✔️  eCommerce App Mistakes:

  • Lack of personalization
  • Lack of focus on seamless consumer experience
  • Use of poorly developed creatives not compelling to consumers
  • Challenge of measuring efficacy and incrementality of campaigns

✔️  Privacy Updates/Delays: Consumers have rights, companies obligated to follow them

✔️  Android or iOS? iOS

✔️  Favorite App(s): AllModern from Wayfair

✔️  What’s Tommy looking forward to with app technology in the future? 5G, Apple’s innovation

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Quotes by Tommy Yannopoulos:

“User acquisition, that’s my biggest argument for why you should retarget. If it’s economically in the green for you, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it.”

“You should retarget because you want to talk to your consumers on a consistent basis.”

“It’s important for businesses to stay engaged with their consumers because as we know, especially in the app ecosystem, losing consumers is part of the game.”

“The Holy Grail of retargeting, in general, is personalization.”

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