Fact – people are tired of ads, especially on mobile. Because of such a variety of options they’re bombarded in their Instagram / Facebook feeds, inside apps, on websites and of course on YouTube and Google, it is hard to expect a level of engagement app brands need from them to increase their sales. 

There is a way to solve this problem and achieve a high level of engagement – launch a higher purpose campaign to let people do something for their environment, local community, something that will make them feel good and, at the same time, help an app brand to achieve its marketing objectives.

Today’s guest is Luca Stefanutti, Head of Product Marketing at Runtastic. He leads the Running Growth squad with the goal of growing the Adidas Running app. Luca’s job is to connect product and marketing to give users the best value proposition in the health and fitness category.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Runtastic: Opportunity to feel and see results with support every step of the way

✔️ Two Apps, One World: adidas Running and adidas Training

✔️ Higher Purpose Ad Campaign: App marketing tool to change the world by taking action

✔️ Success Story Strategy: Build a bridge between inspirational goal and any app

✔️ User- vs. Customer-Centric: Understand your audience and what they care about

✔️ App KPIs: Connect with users, leverage mechanics, and measure success metrics

✔️ Android or iOS? Android

✔️ Favorite mobile app(s)? Vivino

✔️ What technology would Luca find useful? eCommerce and privacy campaigns

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Luca Stefanutti:

“We are not so little, it’s simply because we have more than 370-million of downloads across the world, and we have more than 168-million registered users. We are quite famous.”

“It will really give you the possibility to create something more, something beyond the simple usage of a product.”

“It’s not about buying a product or service, it’s really about changing the world by doing an action.”

“The first thing that you always consider is your user.”

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