Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are known for chasing small ideas with big money, but what about chasing big ideas with big money?

Today’s guest is Aleksandra Reinert, Growth Marketing at OLIO, a London-based company with a big mission. Aleksandra talks about the scale and significance of problems that OLIO was built to solve and the story of the app’s growth.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Food Waste: How bad is it? Pretty bad – people are big part of problem and solution

✔️ Hunger: A million people worldwide could be fed on less than a quarter of food wasted

✔️ OLIO: Free sharing app for people to give away food and other household items for free

✔️ Food Stamps to Facebook Ads: OLIO’s tried every marketing channel/strategy to grow

✔️ What can you do to grow OLIO? You need a community to start sharing on OLIO

✔️ Common Good: Prevent good food from going to waste and build relationships

✔️ Tech for Good: Companies can make a profit and help society at the same time

✔️ Android or iOS? iOS

✔️ What apps and features would Aleksandra miss most? Google Maps

✔️ What is missing from mobile app technology? Make it less addictive

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Quotes from Aleksandra Reinert:

“A third of all food projects globally goes to waste and over 50 percent of that food waste is actually happening in the home in the developed countries.”

“Yes, we are part of the problem – a big part of the problem – but we are also part of the solution.”

“What can I do to grow OLIO in my neighborhood? You need a community to start sharing on OLIO.”

“People know it’s an amazing feeling. We get so many users, as far as people just being so happy with the act of sharing something with your neighbor. It’s intrinsically good.”

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