ChatGPT from OpenAI, Bard from Google, Llama from Meta, and a decent number of smaller players are firing on all cylinders to power the Generative AI revolution that took off late last year. 

Of course, for folks who had been watching the AI space, it was not a surprise but for the rest of us – it was. Generative AI based on Large Language Models is changing the business landscape. Today, we want to talk about its impact on mobile ad campaigns.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Levi Matkins’s background
  • Levi’s take on ChatGPT
  • The impact of ChatGPT on mobile ad creatives production
  • Generative AI impact on programmatic bidding
  • The impact of Generative AI on mobile ad campaigns analytics
  • Can Generative AI impact programmatic ad campaigns’ costs
  • Generative AI impact on jobs in the programmatic ad sector
  • What Levi would like to change about the programmatic tech sector the most

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Levi Matkins:

“As things stand today, I think it’s in most cases it (Generative AI) is a very helpful tool for a design team to use both for ideation and production.”

“We’ve been using deep neural nets for quite a few years at this point.”

“This is an area (AI programmatic ad analytics) where we have done some investigations and thus far the insights we’re able to see are not reliable enough today.”

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