Have you ever had this feeling when you’re working on something, you’re focused on relevant information only, you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing the next moment? This feeling may last minutes and hopefully more.

This can be the moment you’re building a marketing plan for your mobile app, or writing a creative for an ad to promote your app or dig deep in numbers for your current app user acquisition campaign. It doesn’t matter, what matter is that these moments are rare and precious. This is when a breakthrough moment may happen for  your app project and you can finally nail a problem down.

You may think that to achieve any goal, you need to be able to put your thoughts together, it feels like that, right? In fact, it’s about being able shut down everything that is not relevant to what you’re doing right now. That is the key.

vDo you think there is an app that could help you with that – to have such moments, have them more? Well, there is – it’s called Flow Lab and Clarize is here to tell us about the app and the story behind its 15x growth and gaining 5,000+ paying subscribers.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Clarize path in business took off at Trivago as an International Brand Marketing Associate to become a Head of Marketing in the Flow Lab team to work hard on making sure the app takes off and grow its user base of loyal users quickly
  • Flow Lab is a mental coach for peak performance app for you to be productive with your work and achieve your goals, removing destruction and helping people to focus on a specific task
  • The story behind the app and how it was development
  • App marketing channels Flow Lab team has been putting at work to connect the app with people
  • App analytics for the app during tough times of iOS15 rollout
  • The app users feedback
  • Clarize take on the current state of offers  with how we interact with mobile devices
  • Android or iOS? iOS
  • What features would Clarize miss most? In fact Clarize periodically leave her smartphone at home to give her a piece of mind, leaving the tech behind
  • What’s missing from mobile app technology? Software features to strictly limit use of the smartphone

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Quotes from Clarize Marais: 

“As you can imagine, from the beginning it was very important to distinguish Flow Lab from other big players like Calm, Headspace.

And we aimed to educate people that it’s only important to train body but also to train your mind.

Before I cam across Flow Lab I also was not aware that it’s possible to train your mind over time to become more focused and productive through meditation.”

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