A mobile app user acquisition funding is a crucial process every app business owner should know well to succeed. Too often it’s being neglected and it leads to an app project failure. In this episode we want to fill the gap for app developers and brands and talk about an app projects funding.

Today’s guest is Martin Macmillan, CEO and co-founder of Pollen VC—a financing model for mobile apps and game publishers to unlock unpaid revenues and eliminate payout delays up to 60+ days. How? By connecting to their app store and ad network platforms.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️  App Business Funding: Solving app developer problems, payments

✔️  Use old financial services knowledge and new knowledge as app developer

✔️  Company Portrait: Digitally verify sold or displayed but unpaid receivables every day

✔️  Borrowing Base: Pull IP or ad network revenues and borrow up to 95%

✔️  Misunderstandings: User acquisition and financial staff need to speak same language

✔️  Key Metrics: Calculate user acquisition machine as an investment equation

✔️  Capital Stack: Start with cheapest, next most expensive, stop when it doesn’t make sense

✔️  Economic Laws: Demand-and-supply curve for UI for a mobile app

✔️  Public or Private: As companies get bigger, budget process gets harder

✔️  Android or iOS? iOS

✔️  What is Martin’s favorite mobile app today? Vivino

✔️  What’s Martin wanting with technologies? Longer battery life and a bigger keyboard

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Martin Macmillan:

“Most developers and publishers that we’re working with, they just want to know what is available, how much can I draw, and when can I get it?”

“The user acquisition is nothing more than an investment equation. How much money do you invest? When do you break even on the money? When do you get your return on your money?”

“A lot of people didn’t really realize whether their UA was likely to be ROI-positive or not.”

“Be very focused on profitability, as opposed to a source of capital or anything else. You want to be able to do everything that’s going to keep you driving towards maximizing your return.”

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