In the early 2000s, digital marketing for online commerce companies centered on relative keywords. The key component of search engine optimization (SEO) emerged to increase traffic to websites to generate leads, make more sales, and grow businesses. History repeats itself. App store optimization (ASO) followed to include similar techniques to apply to apps. To move forward and push decisions that need to be made, you must understand the impact of ASO.

Now, you may think ASO should always mean doing marketing for mobile apps and  SEO – doing marketing for websites. You have a point – usually we don’t mix these two digital marketing techniques and you may think that there is no way how SEO can actually help you to driver more installs for your app.

But on this episode we have Kate Petrakova from Rocket Internet to make the case that in fact it is possible. Kate shares insights regarding SEO for apps and how to make Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) your apps acquisition channel.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • SEO vs. ASO: What’s the difference? Benefits of bridging these two techniques
  • Key SEO Elements for Apps: Links/backlinks, paid/organic referrals, engaging and relevant content, and code-related technical SEO to improve ranking
  • App Previews and Review: Relevant and influential Websites, companies, and marketing
  • SEO relevant acquisition channel:
    • Can product be used on desktop?
    • Is product complex and requires additional knowledge?
    • Do competitors have Web pages?
    • Does product include categories/integrities?
  • SEO Tools: Google Search Console, Google Mobile-friendly Tests, Google Ads, and Google My Business
  • Keyword Ranking Tools: SEMrush, SISTRIX, and Ahrefs
  • Technical SEO Tools: Screaming Frog, Google Structured Data, and Google Lighthouse
  • How to get started? Google brand name and product to determine good and bad SEO
  • How, leveraging the trust they’ve built with their audience, Influencers do the job of app review sites when they had their moment several years ago
  • How to evaluate your mobile app website current performance on Google

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Ekaterina Petrakova:

“If it’s a relevant website it’s always worth to have a link from there.”

“It’s because historically, it (SEO) drives much better type of customer, really the customer that deliver the most value, has higher retention rates, higher loyalty.”

“The customers that deliver the most value that have higher retention rates, higher loyalty, this is why SEO is a way to go, if it is relevant for you.”

“SEO is for free itself, but to work on SEO, it costs money.”

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