What does it take to create a mobile app to succeed on a highly competitive e-commerce market?

Do you remember a few years ago we used to hear this catchy phrase “Yep, there is an app for that!”. It was about the novelty of mobile apps. Well, today with several million mobile apps in the world, you don’t hear it anymore.

The days of that mantra are over. These days, a mobile app is a vehicle for an e-commerce business to reach out its customers on mobile and improve their user experience. There is just no other way around it – every app project requires a long-term marketing strategy to succeed on a highly competitive landscape.

So we invited Ritam to help us to tackle this tough question – what are the essential ingredients of a modern mobile app design.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Ritam’s path – from a management consulting practice as well system integration and technology practice, working with investment and commercial banks to founding an app design and development company with 90+ team and expertise in all areas of a modern app development.

✔️ Studio graphene is UK headquartered app development company with studios in Delhi, Lisbon and Geneva

✔️ Goal Setting, Impact Mapping, Prototyping and Specification Writing – as the 4 pillars of a modern app development

✔️ New trends in app development Ritam welcomes and the ones he is not a fan of

✔️On which side of the Android & iOS duopoly Ritam is? iOS

✔️ What apps would Ritam miss the most if he leaves the smartphone home. Google Maps

✔️ What hardware / software features Ritam is waiting for? Both mobile hardware and software healthcare related innovations.

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Ritam Gandhi:

“I think it’s very interesting topic because what is design? Is design a visual element, is design how you think about it, the user experience. 

A lot of the times you don’t really understand what it is that you are building until sometimes you see it

Specification and the detail behind every feature is key to make sure things won’t get lost in translation.”

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