On this podcast, we had app marketers, developers, advertisers, and experts in various areas of the app industry. All these people shared their expertise, gave their take on challenging questions, and shared their dreams and hopes for the industry.

Today, I want to give you a perspective from somebody who is, in my opinion, in the best position to give us a bird-view of the app industry and talk about where are and where we’re going.

Eric will cover multiple bases, giving us the highlights from the Consumer Subscription Software report, issued by GP Bullhound investment bank recently.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • The current state of the app market
  • The most dynamic and promising app categories of today
  • Obstacles and roadblocks for the app industry today
  • How Eric assesses the app’s potential, what KPIs are considered
  • One-time customers vs loyal ones, tourists vs locals
  • App Subscription Renewal rates
  • New app user acquisition channels
  • What app owners need to prepare to sell their apps or fundraise
  • Android or iOS? iOS
  • Eric’s  first mobile phone was a Cingular Wireless Touchphone
  • What features would Jennie miss most? WhatsApp and iMessage
  • What’s missing from mobile app technology? Software, hardware, or magic that allow people to isolate themselves from their phones for several hours a day.

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Eric Crowley:

“There are great prices being paid for great companies at any time, even if there is a recession. If it’s a great business someone will pay the price.”

“The biggest thing is App Tracking Transparency (ATT) rolled out. There is no way to put it differently – it was a huge hit to the space.”

“TikTok – it’s easy to get a lot of views, it’s really hard to get retention and engagement.”

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