Mobile ad fraud has been a dark shadow on the entire mobile advertising industry for a number of year by now. It’s been growing fast – fraudsters keep inventing more sophisticated ways to steal, fraud detection and prevention companies do their best to keep up and being able to detect new kids of fraud and help brands to minimize its impact on their bottom line.

It is the ongoing battle.

One would hope that COVID pandemic would slow mobile fraudsters down and that would be really naive take on that. It is quite contrary. 

Today’s guest is Luke Taylor, COO and founder of TrafficGuard. Luke talks about the current state of affairs for mobile advertising fraud during COVID-19.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️  TrafficGuard: Full funnel ad verification and fraud prevention solution

✔️  Mobile Fraud Before COVID (BC): Reality ever since advertising started

✔️  Wasting Money? Measure what you want and what you should pay

✔️  Traffic and Trivial Changes: Audiences, behaviors, data, and privacy concerns

✔️  Buyer Beware: When looking for a bargain, fraudsters never sleep or stop

✔️  Transparency: What does fraud look like? Look after yourself, data, and ad spend

✔️  Android or iOS? iOS

✔️  Favorite App(s): 1Password

✔️  What’s Luke looking forward to with app technology in the future? On-device ML

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Luke Taylor:

“Fraud has been happening in mobile space, ever since advertising was running.”

“Fraud is everywhere. It’s even hard for the premium sources to keep it at bay.”

“People have been forced to tighten budgets. Unfortunately, that means that many advertisers are chasing cheaper traffic.”

“Anywhere that there’s money, there’s going to be some aspect of fraudulent activity.”

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