ASO (aka App Store Optimization) has been an app marketing service for a quite a while. Soon after the Apple’s App Store was launched back in 2008, people began to wonder how to get more downloads for their apps on the store and Google Play market joined the party shortly after.

It’s 2021 and it’s time to take a fresh look at ASO and see how it can actually work with other areas of the digital marketing , such as performance marketing, together.

In this episode, Anton Tatarynovich, Senior ASO Consultant of Phiture, a multi award-winning mobile growth consultancy, tells us all about it.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Anton’s path: from a Sales Manager in a A/B testing company to the Senior Consultant at the top app marketing agency

✔️ Phiture – a hundred employee Berlin-based mobile agency with a broad spectrum app marketing expertise, famous for its Mobile Growth Stack concept

✔️ So what is App Store Optimization?

✔️ What ASO tools do we have and should use

✔️ How ASO and performance marketing can actually work together and feed each other with useful data

✔️ What results app marketers should reasonably expect from ASO plus performance marketing combo?

✔️ How ASO and Apple Search Ads can be useful to each other

✔️ What updates for app marketers has Apple’s WWDC 2021 brought?

✔️ Android or iOS? Actually both, no real preference here 🙂

✔️ What app features would Seth miss most? Messaging via Telegram and listening music on Spotify

✔️ What is missing from mobile app technology? Better Apple’s App Store experience, tech & financial media for GenZ

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Anton Tatarynovich:

I think a lot of companies still approach ASO as new, even though it’s been around for a quite a few years.

Essential ASO tools – two main ones, obviously the App Store Connect and Google Play Store Console. That’s pretty much are high level analytics what we check day to day to understand how the app is doing.

It’s really the key to align performance marketing and ASO for apps, especially when the sheer of  downloads coming from paid sources is substantial.

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