One of the pillars of mobile app growth is App Engagement. Month after month, year after year this is the never-ending challenge for every app marketer or mobile product manager out there. This is what keeps them up at night and put them on a plane to fly to the next app industry conference to learn more about it.

It doesn’t matter what country’s app economy we’re talking about or app category – a robust App Engagement strategy is what brands desperately need to beat their competition, to stay afloat, especially in such economically challenging times as right now.

In this episode, we will save you some money on a biz trip by having with us Esther to tell you about how to boost app engagement with product-led growth principles.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • The Growth Loops concept
  • Esther’s approach to measuring KPIs
  • What is a vanity metric and what to do about it
  • The North Star metric concept
  • Types of app engagement
  • Key takeaways
  • What Esther would like to change about app analytics
  • Android or iOS?
  • Esther’s first mobile phone
  • Leaving his smartphone at home, what features would Esther miss most?
  • What features Esther would like to see added to her smartphone?

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Esther Trapadoux:

“But a lot of times, like for mobile app companies, that one session isn’t enough time to get to monetization, you need multiple ones.”

“You don’t really look at the quality of that traffic, how long you’re able to retain that person, like what actually drove them there, what kind of promo you’re running that actually paid off like 3 or 6 or 9 months down the line until you get into an important monetization moment.”

“Just get started, don’t search for perfect… the faster you do the faster you start thinking about what are the inputs that move the needle.”

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