This week we have another bonus episode for you, this time it’s the recording of our recent webinar with Colin Contreary, Head of Content at Embrace, app performance analytics platform. 

Right now we use and rely on so many apps in our daily life, we don’t even register when you use all those apps – it’s just how you connect with your family, do your banking, getting around in a city, shop for a variety of things and so on. When all those apps do work we are happy, when they crash they drive us nuts.


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In this episode:

✅  Identifying pain points
✅  The battle against app crashes and ANRs (stands for Application Not Responding)
✅  Case studies

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Colin Contreary:

And so once they were started using Embrace, when they got user complaints, they were able to immediately look up the full user experience and see what exactly the issue was.

They’re able to put out a hotfix for deep linking issues and hotfixes if they surface new crash patterns, which understandably happen when you have such a surge in
interest during that big event. And so the end result of being able to immediately dive into those user experiences is that they were able to maintain 99.99% crash free rating, which is already incredible outside of a big event like Black Friday.


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