ChatGPT. By now this AI tool’s name is so familiar to you, it took only a few months for the OpenAI breakthrough Artificial Intelligence tool to touch so many business and non-business related areas. Articles, TV interviews, podcasts, never ending Twitter exchange of thoughts, hopes and fears for this brand new tech.

But how can we apply ChatGPT to the App Store Optimization? To answer this question, I’ve reached Thomas from App Radar App Store Optimization company.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • What Thomas think about ChatGPT
  • How to apply ChatGPT to ASO
  • What are ChatGPT’s limitations ASO-wise
  • ChatGPT’s downside
  • What Thomas would like to change about mobile app marketing

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Thomas Kriebernegg:

“I have to say that over the course of the last years I think I have been experiencing some of the trends that were happening within the roam of online marketing, new tech. For example, I was there when Google Ads was first launched in Austria.”

“I think it’s just the adoption rate, it’s on the different level [as opposed to the launch of the Internet back in mid 90s], how many people are getting into this topic [ChatGPT], how fast they can get into the topic.”

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