We live in the world of millions mobile apps that have penetrated all areas – work, entertainment, healthcare, art and many more. Every app on your smartphone has many users and all these people have their slightly different use case, may have their questions about its interface, some tech issues that need to be resolved and on and on. Obviously each app developer wants to have her or his app users having nice usage experience. Question is – how app developers and brands should approach app user communication with that big audience, what’s important, what mistakes to avoid?

Today’s guest is Robi Ganguly, CEO of Apptentive, which is a provider of Consumer Communication, Consumer Management Service for various brands all over the world. Robi describes 3 major things app developers and brands need to be focused on when it comes to app users communication, what most common mistakes they do.

This episode topics include:

  • What Apptentive does for world largest brands user communication needs
  • Why it’s important to have two-way communication with app users
  • The significance of the right timing for app users communication
  • How to listen to your customer right and why it’s so crucial
  • Mistake from a case study #1: too much of asking your customers for a feedback to the point it produces the opposite outcome
  • Mistake from a case study #2: brand ambassadors identification to improve app communication
  • How to find the right moment for an in-app message

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Quotes by Robi Ganguly:

“Communication, real communication and relationship building is two way”

“The way to make your customer feel important is to listen them just as much as you talk to them”

“When you think about how to communicate and learn from a customer, you gotta be very focused on the right time and the right place, even the right information about the customer journey”

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