When you buy any digital product or service, you have two options. You pay for it or get it for “free.” Both have pros and cons, but the free option is intertwined with what we call in a society – Privacy. You should give your consent and be aware of the consequence of your action to collect personal data.

Today’s guest is Martje Abeldt, Chief RevX Officer at RevX,  the company that helps app marketers to acquire users programmatically and re-engage them, who talks about app user privacy. App tracking transparency (ATT) gives iOS app users the choice to accept or reject such data from being collected by developers.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • RevX: Platform made for growth, built for app marketers
  • Remote World: Working across borders in different languages, cultures, and markets
  • ATT Assessment, Framework, Feedback: It’s just marketing – not much has changed 
  • Free Internet: Came along because of advertisements to sponsor content (good or bad)
  • Advertising Budgets: Where and what can still be measured and targeted? 
  • Best Practices: Use first-party data, comply with privacy framework to target audience 
  • App Users: How can you be private if you spend more time online – it’s a contradiction
  • Android or iOS? Both – opts into everything for professional reasons 
  • What features would Martje miss most? Ability to call a cab
  • What’s missing from mobile app technology? Virtual reality becoming reality and more practical

Links and Resources:

  • Quotes from Martje Abeldt:

    “As an aggregate, it’s technology, it’s people, and it’s also reach.”

    “We need to be where our clients are. We need to understand what they need. So, the closer we are to them, the easier it is for us.”

    “Are privacy regulations enough, basically, to serve the consumer and the individual, or do we have to improve them?”

    “People are spending more and more and more time online. So, how can people become more private if they spend more time on the internet where everything is about data. It’s impossible.”

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