Who are app growth hackers?

Well, have you ever experienced worse-than-expected app engagement results? What’s the problem? Something’s spoiling user experience because your app isn’t being used as expected. There are app marketing experts whom’s job is to come up with app growth hacks.

Today’s guest is Daniel Ushida, Growth Hacker and Growth Hacking Trainer at Growth Tribe Academy. Daniel helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and upscale their app businesses. 

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Evolution of app user experience

✔️ App onboarding

✔️ Actions not assumptions

✔️ Common mistakes with an app user interface

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Daniel Ushida:

“At the beginning, when apps were launched, they had this thing that they wanted to replicate or mimic…Websites on desktop.”

“If you think about tactics that were used for a user interface, there was a lot of Skeuomorphism.”

“Onboarding your user, in order to show the value and make clear what is behind the app, became a very important feature.

Key to Success: Simple and intuitive user interface.”

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