Question to you – as an app marketer – how do you deal with stress and anxiety in everyday life to set yourself up for success? Listen to music, read a book, open a favorite app or journal your thoughts and problems?

Today’s guest is Darius Mora, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Reflectly, the world’s first and most popular intelligent journal app that utilizes AI. This year the app witnesses a significant growth in demand and we want to discuss how the mix of a great product and effective marketing channels allows the app grow happens that rapidly.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️  Reflectly App: Concept and competition

✔️  Mental Fitness/Wellness: Growing demand to acquire users, talent, and fresh ideas

✔️  Relax with Reflectly: Be mindful or meditate to reduce stress

✔️  Reflectly: Effective marketing made easy due to amazing engineering of product

✔️  Innovation: Reflectly won Google’s Material Design Award in 2019

✔️  Copyable Channels: No unexpected or other options that perform less successfully

✔️  Social Media Apps: Creates different levels of stress to be authentic or ashamed

✔️  Benefits of Journaling: Gain perspective, be grateful, and achieve better state of mind

✔️  Android or iOS? iOS

✔️  Favorite app(s): Wim Hof Method

✔️   What’s Darius looking forward to with app technology in the future? A/R

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Quotes by Darius Mora:

“A lot of people will use journaling, which is an active way to be mindful. Meditation is a more passive way.”

“I haven’t seen any case where the marketing channel was the competitive advantage.”

“Even if your life is interesting, if you go on Instagram, you’ll feel like crap about yourself.”

“The human brain was not developed to be able to deal with so many inputs and all the attention-grabbing things jumping at us every single day.”

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