Like with many things in business, when it comes to app marketing people either rely on data to make decisions or listen to their gut feeling. We are strongly suggesting to do the former, we encourage you to do your best to keep it rational and follow the data, be a scientist in your field.

In this episode, Steve will make the case for you showing what A/B testing reveals about app engagement, paywalls, and more. This episode is special to celebrate the beginning of 2024 – you can either listen it here or actually watch it on our YouTube channel.


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Today’s Topics Include:

  • Steve P. Young background
  • What is App Masters
  • What does A/B testing reveal about app engagement?
  • Is introducing a paywall on onboarding a great idea?
  • Do discounts for app subscriptions work?
  • The significance of customization
  • Hard and soft paywalls
  • The right number of plans for app subscriptions
  • What A/B testing tells us about an efficient Call-To-Action
  • What Steve would like to change about app industry
  • Takeaways

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Steve P. Young:

“Now I had Yeva from Headway, the product manager. And she said when you have a longer onboarding, we’ve actually seen our clients from their data that longer onboardings actually lead to higher conversions. Yes, there will be more drop offs, but the people actually make it all the way through will actually subscribe. And the people who drop out, they were never probably going to subscribe it anyways. ”

“I mean, frankly, in life, just think like a scientist, like everything is an experiment. We have a hypothesis, which may come from our gut, but we’re going to test it out, and then we’re going to let data decide.”

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