Growing the app’s user base is what on an app marketer’s mind from Monday till Friday and possibly on weekends as well. Going international is one of the ways to expand an app’s user base.

Today’s guest is Victoria Chen, International Growth Lead at Flowkey, a piano learning app for beginners, returners, and advanced players. Victoria is sharing her experience of the app’s localization and helping you to avoid possible mistakes you may make, having zero experience with it.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Global Landscape and Growth Marketing: Internationalization tackles local issues

✔️ Flowkey: Professional pianists create and produce in-house arrangements for all abilities

✔️ Popular Songs: Learn to play the songs you know and love (i.e., Piano Man, Swan Lake)

✔️ Benefits: App brands should go to other markets to get more users and revenue

✔️ Is it worth it? Depends on total effort, research, cost, and if the app is translatable

✔️ Market Criteria: Potential profit, market size, and purchasing power

✔️ Mental Health Market: Keep yourself mentally healthy, even if you have to pay for it

✔️ Localize App: Make product usable/available, launch it, develop authentic improvements

✔️ Regional Manager: Translate apps using someone familiar with culture, native language

✔️ Key Takeaways: As you build a localization strategy, start with a plan and local insights

✔️ Android or iOS? iOS

✔️ Favorite mobile app(s)? Wolt

✔️ What technology would Victoria find useful in daily life? Augmented reality

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Victoria Chen:

“Going to another market directly means getting more users and having more revenue.”

“In terms of purchasing power, I will usually suggest people to go a bit deeper—not only how much people are spending, but what they are spending it on?”

“If you are a business, you have to also look at what type of category people are willing to pay for it or invest in it.”

“People know that they should pay for education for learning languages, learning instruments, but it’s still quite a new concept that people should invest in their own mental health.”

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