Are you interested in rockets? Do you watch SpaceX launches? Then, you know what a rocket is and the launch metaphor came to mobile apps from the space industry.

Today’s guest is Luca Mastrorocco, co-founder of REPLUG, a mobile app marketing consulting agency based in Berlin. Luca talks about a holistic approach to app growth scaling.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ REPLUG: Services include ASO, paid acquisition, retention/CRM, and tracking/ analytics

✔️ Rocket Analogy: Upgrowth business approach that’s simple to understand, communicate

✔️ Digital Infrastructure: Engine is the basis of the app that makes everything work properly

✔️ User Acquisition (UA): Plays role in upgrowth strategy from organic, paid perspectives

✔️ Acquisition Process: Meaningful conversion funnel goes from download to monetization

✔️ UX and UI: Make sure marketing works hand-in-hand with look and feel of product

✔️ Engagement: No business wants to just acquire users for the sake of it

✔️ External Factors: App growth depends on market conditions, competition, and COVID

✔️ Android or iOS? iOS

✔️ What app features would Luca miss most? Calendar

✔️ What is missing from mobile app technology? Virtual reality (VR) and surround sound

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Luca Mastrorocco:

“Without the right infrastructure, obviously, the app cannot really work properly. We like to give the digital infrastructure or the infrastructure of the app a very prominent role in our work.”

“Conversion fund is being how we make sure that we don’t just stop where our user downloads. We make sure to convert them into paying users.”

“We really care about the look and feel of the app.”

“No business wants to just acquire users for the sake of it.”

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