To make an app business sustainable, app marketers need to have a robust strategy to secure their apps growth. When app growth slows down, should marketers try advertising on a new channel? If yes, what channel? TikTok, of course.

Today TikTok app marketing is one of the hot topics that you can see in agenda of so many mobile marketing online summits, webinars, and workshops. App marketing professionals consider TikTok marketing to be one of the most effective types of app marketing.

Today’s guest is Tiffany Ou, General Manager (Americas) at Nativex, which allows marketers to generate strong and sustainable growth through universal access to digital channels.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️  U.S. vs. China: Similarities and differences in social media landscape, mobile ad market

✔️  5 Major U.S. Players: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snap, and TikTok

✔️  China Market: Immediate and dynamic platform with new players and apps every day

✔️  What to Watch: Popular/relevant content; no need to search TikTok for what you want

✔️  Age Groups: Not only under 18 are using TikTok; much more older audience adapting

✔️  TikTok: Monetization goal to create effective app ad campaign/platform is less advanced

✔️  Influencers/creators become brand advocates, if they believe in your products/services

✔️  App Advice: China is hot market with user base/money, but unique mobile ecosystem

✔️  ISBN Requirements: Don’t be a copycat or use obscene language for game approval

Links and Resources:

Tweets/Quotes by Tiffany Ou:

“Social network user in China is about 800 million, it’s much larger than the U.S. Also, 98% of Chinese people are using their phone to access the Internet.”

“In China, there’s so many new players coming out almost every day. The Chinese social landscape is so much more dynamic that there are so many rising stars.”

TikTok: No PC required; 100% mobile.

“TikTok is a social app or a platform that can help any brand to build their awareness globally very, very quickly. The engagement is very high.”

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