We are more than a year and a half into this pandemic and, aside from the multiple challenges it’s brought into our lives, there is this one – are you ready to volunteer to help others, providing your business’s services for free? Are you entirely focused on your own survival or you are willing to help people to relieve some of the challenges they’re going through?

In this episode, Nick, Managing Partner at Swenson He – award-winning digital development company, will tell us the story of how his company’s commitment to help people in need hit by COVID-19 and more.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️Nick’s story starts at MIT, where he was studying to become a bio-engineer and met his future co-founder and COO of Swenson HE Chao He, with whom he shared the same passion about new digital experiences. Nick has been fascinated with building the bridge between digital and the real world and understanding how to make this bridge useful for people based on their perception of it.

✔️Swenson HE is a software development company that works on both mobile and desktop software projects. Their portfolio ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small clients with unique needs.

✔️Luckily Nick’s company team was already in the business of changing their operations to understand how they can work remotely prior to COVID-19 and hence the pandemic didn’t hit hard his team.

✔️Watching how other businesses were impacted by the pandemic, Nick’s team decided to figure out how they can help the most and make the biggest impact. That effort lead to launching several projects, one example was working with the Reach Project to build a platform for their latest initiative: feeding the “Invisible Aggies,” essential employees on the Texas A&M campus, who have been laid off due to Covid19.

✔️The most challenging part of any app development project – engagement, making sure people interact with the app and it brings them real value.

✔️Today innovation in app design is about figuring out how to develop apps that meet today’s standards of Gen Ze.

✔️It’s hard to pinpoint what today’s cutting-edge tech will eventually stay or will be left in the dust over time.

✔️ On which side of the Android & iOS duopoly Sacha is? iOS

✔️ What apps would Nick miss the most if he leaves the smartphone home. Email.

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Quotes from Nick Swenson:

“Digital experiences are about this transitioning between the digial world and a real world and understanding how users interact with an interface and how they think, desicions they make. It’s very much is in some cases is a psychology problem. 

If you aren’t innnovating you already behind.

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