Behind every successful app is a team of people working together efficiently, especially for those who enjoy on-demand and/or live TV shows.

Today’s guest is Stuart Jones from ITV Hub, an online TV platform that lets customers view anything from scientific documentaries to trivia and talent shows across its smartphone, tablet, AppleTV apps. We invited Stuart to give us his perspective on how CRM and app product teams should work together, how you choice between advertising and subscription models and more.

Today’s Topics Include:

📺 What is ITV and ITV Hub? Large, ad-free television service or online platform

📼 Live or Later: ITV Hub offers content parallel to linear television

💪 Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Strong, misaligned, or non-existent

🦠 COVID-19 Crisis: Quickly learn to work remotely and provide content via collaboration

 💲 Business Models: Pros and cons of subscriptions versus advertisements

👉 Customer’s Choice: Give people more choices to get more attention

👍 Box of Wonder: What are you going to get? Guaranteed satisfaction with subscription

💵 Price Point: At least $20 a month or not profitable for acceptable amount and service

🤖 Machine Learning (ML): Ready to use for careful and constructive product development

Links and Resources:

Tweets/Quotes by Stuart Jones:

“We try and insure that our content is parallel to the linear television.”

“We can empower each other to be successful at our jobs.”

“Our collaboration is being tested, but also our ability to react quickly is also being tested.”

“Every business that serves advertising should look at the question, ‘Would a subscription model without advertising be as sustainable for me?’”

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