Ok, a bit of trivia to begin with – what is the most common and most used word app marketers and app owners use in a conversation about their apps in pretty much any country you can think of? Well, if they have a conversation in English that would be growth. 

It’s that notion that everybody is agree is extremely important for a mobile app project to succeed. There is a set of app growth marketing techniques we all have heard about, tried ourselves and hopefully benefit from using. But because mobile apps’ audiences are different, we know that these techniques aren’t expected to be equally efficient for everybody and so it is always wise to listen to other app marketers’ experiences to learn something new.

In this episode, Sherina will share her experience with the Deezer app’s growth strategy.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Sherina’s background
  • The Deezer app and what people use it
  • Acquisition strategies that worked for Deezer
  • Data and analytics to inform the app’s growth
  • Tactics to retain the app’s users
  • Partnerships and collaborations to foster the app’s growth
  • Emerging trends and tech to impact app growth strategies in the future
  • What Sherina would like to change about digital marketing the most
  • Android or iOS?
  • Leaving her smartphone at home, what features would Sherina miss most?
  • What features she would like to see added to her smartphone?

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Sherina Khalidi:

On the measurement front, at Deezer we use the triptic Attribution / MMM / Incrementality, and I would love to use AI to get a synthetic view of these 3 components to help me predict the outcome of future invest.

As the mobile industry is maturing, I feel the good old recipe of UA and ASO will work less & less, and it will be more about building a strong brand that is able to connect with their users, in trust and authenticity. I think there’s really something here for us to reinvent.


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