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Business of Apps
#11: App UA and retention via geo-localized ads with Marco Scabioli, Mobile Marketing Manager at FlixBus Munich

Today the very next goal on every app marketer’s agenda, after acquiring app users, – to retain them. According to multiple sources, the app industry 90 days retention rate varies from 32% to 4% percent, meaning, within three month period, at least every third app user stops using the app.

In this episode we talk with Marco about how to retain app users using geo-localized ads.

Today’s Topics Include:

💡 What are hyper-localized ad campaigns?

🇬🇧 A smart strategy to localize paid and non-paid ads

💪 Retention Rate: Rely on data and customized communication through customer journey

💰Ad Spend: Budget for beta testing to create efficient, elastic, and incremental campaigns

💡Ad Creatives: Effective campaigns rely on workarounds, channels, and feedback

🤝 Media Buying: Streamline process by screening partners/networks and creating backlog 

Links and Resources:

Marco Scabioli on LinkedIn


Quotes by Marco Scabioli:

“Our aim is, actually, change the way most people travel.”

“I know how important it is for a solid marketing department to be interconnected to share knowledge and best practices that can be useful across different channels.”

“Hyper-localized ads are a solution that we came up with to match the right products with the right people.”

“Learn how different campaigns react to different spending budgets.”