Open any online marketing publication, e-book, webinar or YouTube video of a presentation about  app marketing, chances are it will be about doing marketing for B2C (stands for Business Two Customers) apps. In fact, the bulk of available materials cover techniques, hints, tricks, use case of how to market a mobile app to an end user. That’s cool but there is the other part of the equation – B2B apps marketing and businesses need information about it as much as for B2C.

On this episode we want to fill in the gap for marketers and business owners who need to find users for their B2B apps. Our guest is Philipp Stelzer, who is in an excellent position to talk about both B2C and B2B app marketing and what sets them apart. He spent several years being part of Wooga mobile game studio and was heavily involved with mobile games marketing to end users. Now Philipp is with LogMeIn software company, known to you by such well known brands as GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and others, and he’s immersed into marketing for B2B apps, in particular SAAs apps.

Today’s Topics Include:

💡What is SaaS? Software licensing and delivery model in purest form

❓What’s the difference between B2C and B2B marketing? User-driven vs. mass market

🗣 Challenges and Pain Points: Start conversations with customers and prospects

💰Freemium to Premium: Reach decision makers and retain them online and offline

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Philipp Stelzer:

“There need to be systems in place that make life of these people who need to manage these SaaS offerings really easy.”

“Mobile is an extension of your SaaS offering, but it’s not a standalone service that you are selling.”

“It’s never really about the installs and downloads in this case. It’s always about creating awareness for your product, being smart about who you are targeting…”

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