Yubo makes it easier for users to connect via tags on the app

Anne Freer | December 6, 2021

App Business

Yubo the social platform for Gen Z has made it even easier for users to socialise and make new contacts based on their interests by revamping its in-app on boarding interface and tag features.

Users will be able to add tags to their profiles to create accounts which highlight the latest topics they’re interested in chatting about.

By sharing their love for food, TV, music and gaming they can reach out to other Gen Z users with common interests.

If a user comes across a tag that looks interesting, they can click on to find others. Newly added users appear in the friends tab.

“We want to ensure that our users have the best possible experience on the app, meeting new like-minded people and creating building friendships and connections with others,” said Sacha Lazimi, Co-founder and CEO of Yubo.

“The launch of the new updates and features has already proven to improve the user experience and remove any barriers that were previously in the way with over six million users now making use of our tag updates and features. We will continue to listen to our community and introduce changes on the app to reflect their needs and their experience.”

Some six million Yubo users globally are using the tag features to connect with others.

The update also includes a redesigned live-streaming feature that makes it easier to spot who’s a streamer and who’s a watcher for more meaningful connections.

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