YouTube testing Promotions tab for creators

Anne Freer | August 31, 2022

App Business

YouTube is making it easier to promote content by adding a new Promotions tab to its YouTube Studio.
The feature makes it easier to run ad campaigns using Google Ads Manager. 

Responding to demand from creators to reach wider audiences, the company decided to test simpler end-to-end workflow solutions through Google Ads. 

A limited number of creators will be able to see a “Promotions” tab in the Content page of Studio. 

It could seriously boost promotions of content on YouTube and make it a lot easier for creators to elevate their channel presence. 

Placing the option alongside video performance stats means that creators can quickly view how their campaigns are performing as well. 

But it’s not only beneficial for creators. Brands too would benefit when campaigns are easier to schedule and run.

According to data from Insider Intelligence, advertisers continue to up their YouTube ad budgets and some are even going exclusive. In Q1 2022, exclusive video ad investment rose 60% compared to 47% in Q4 2021 on YouTube among over 9,000 companies.

It highlights that demand for ad space on the popular video platform continues to grow despite competition from TikTok and co.

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