YouTube expands Shorts Fund for short-form video creators

Anne Freer | December 20, 2021

App Business

YouTube expanded its Shorts Fund to make it easier for more creators to get paid from their highly viewed video clips.

The company also added new Shorts analytics tools as part of the YouTube Studio.

Shorts generate some 15 billion global daily views demonstrating the global hunger for short-form content following the success of TikTok.

However, an advantage for YouTube is that its revenue sharing system is more refined.

The Shorts fund was launched back in May, promising to pay out over $100 million over the next 12 months.

The fund is available for 30 different regions and YouTube is now adding 70 markets to its eligibility list.

YouTube pays out between $100 to $10,000 each month to channels based on their Short clips performance. However, the performance qualifier for videos to receive a higher payout isn’t quite that clear.

Location of viewers and the growth of a Short were all being considered.

With the latest additions, YouTube hopes to boost motivation for creators to continue to create more content while being able to gain a better insight into their videos.

The new analytics elements include stats on how often a Short was remixed.

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