YouTube expands channel insights for creators

Anne Freer | August 25, 2022

App Business

YouTube just made it easier for creators to learn more from their channel insights by adding access to Other Videos Your Audience Watched data. 

As the title suggests, the feature provides insights into the viewing habits of audiences by showing listings of the videos they watched over a 7-day period. 

This could be useful to identify key trends and ultimately adjust channel strategies. 

Until recently, the feature was only available to channels with higher traffic, but YouTube has listened to creators frustrated about the lacking statistics. 

What’s more, the video platform is adding filtering by content type including shorts, video-on-demand and live to post key trends within each category. 

In a push to promote its Shorts content, YouTube users can now also search within Shorts specifically.

At the same time, the platform is testing features for community posts such as text filters and added stickers to entertain subscribers. 

For now, a handful of randomly selected creators will have access to the Community tab, but the feature could soon be available to Android and iOS users. 

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