YouTube considers monetising Shorts

Anne Freer | September 20, 2022

App Business

YouTube is apparently considering the next step for its Shorts, the TikTok rival short-form video format. 

According to reporting from The New York Times YouTube may be adding direct monetisation features for Shorts soon which could be a major advantage for creators.

Audio from meetings at Google reveals that the company plans to pay creators some 45% of ad money, which is a little less than the traditional 55% they receive on pre and post-roll ads. 

At the same time, however, YouTube could make it easier for creators to join its Partner Program, which helps them generate money from YouTube ads. 

Right now, channels must reach 4,000 public viewed hours before they quality for YouTube ads and they need 1,000 subscribers to make it onto the Partner Program. 

Viewed hours will be substantially shorter for Shorts which lowers the barrier to entry.

If launched, it would be a major push for YouTube to lure in more creators to build their channels on the video platform. 

YouTube generated around $29 billion in ad income in 2021 with half going to creators on the Partner Program. Competitors such as TikTok are nowhere close to this, which gives YouTube a major advantage. 

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