YouTube audio versus video ads – which performs better?

Anne Freer | July 13, 2021

App Business

Impressions for audio ads on YouTube were higher than for video ads on the platform, according to a new case study from Creatopy, the ad design platform.

Between April and May, the agency ran YouTube audio and video ad campaigns, allocating the same budget ($3,399.50 total and $100 daily) to each campaign to see which would perform better.

The goal of the campaign was brand awareness and reach with a target CPM bidding strategy.

The results are in and what the team found was staggering: the number of impressions was higher for audio ads (> 700k) compared to video ads (> 450k).

However, audio ads received less than half of clicks from video ads at a click-through rate of 0.04% compared to 0.17% for video ads.

Audio ads had a higher average cost-per-click of $10.79 compared to $4.37 for video ads, but a lower cost-per-thousand impressions at $4.40 compared to $7.41.

When it comes to view-through conversions (VTCs), the comparison found that audio ads were the winner at six versus three (video) VTCs.

The findings highlight that both audio and video ads can deliver. Advertisers should focus their messages to 15 seconds and choose a tone of voice that matches their brand with a good call to action.

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