YouTube adds option to convert videos into shorter snippets

Anne Freer | August 2, 2022

App Business

With everyone jumping on the short-form video bandwagon, it should come as little surprise that YouTube just launched an option for creators to convert part of their longer videos into shorter content. 

The ‘Edit into a Short’ option enables users to select a section of their existing video and share a shorter snippet of it. 

This would potentially simplify the process of creating Shorts for many YouTube creators to boost awareness and keep users engaged on their channel. 

It’s a useful feature given that more people want to view shorter video content. 

Editing for shorts comes with all the same editing tools including text, timeline editor, filters, etc. 

Users can add new video segments to their clips and sections from other videos. 

Shorts created that way can link back to the original video which makes for better conversion since ads tend to perform better on longer videos on YouTube.

By diverting traffic back to the core content of a channel, creators stand a better chance at monetisation. 

The new Shorts editing tool is now available for iOS and Android.

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