YouTube adds more visual search features for content discovery

Anne Freer | August 19, 2021

App Business

YouTube is making it even easier to find content on the network by launching visual search tools.

These will help users discover foreign language videos, for example.

Already, desktop users can hover on a YouTube thumbnail to watch a clip of a video and YouTube is extending this function to mobile now. It’s a simplified way for users to see what a certain video is all about.

Not only are using getting a clearer picture what a video is about, they can also jump to the section that interests them the most.

“Let’s say you’re looking for a good sourdough recipe and want to work on your kneading technique. With these new search results, you can see all the steps in the video, from feeding the starter to pulling the bread out of the oven – and skip right to the chapter on kneading,” Pablo Paniagua, Director of Product Management wrote.

By being able to see the context of the video, users can simply scroll to what they’re really looking for.

The addition of translating search results in other languages helps users to recognise relevant content.

“This means that someone in Thailand can learn about quantum physics from a professor at MIT or viewers in Brazil can explore the Grand Canyon from home, with captions in their local language. We’ll start supplementing search results with English videos and plan to expand to more languages. Our hope is that all global content will become more accessible through translated captions and help creators reach a more global audience. ”

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