Yodel Mobile wins App Growth Innovation at 2019 App Growth Awards

Partner Post - App Growth Awards 2019 Discover the future of mobile growth

Posted: December 13, 2019

Yodel Mobile team was among the finalists of the App Growth Innovation nomination, one of the categories of the App Growth Awards at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2019. These awards are the annual barometer for the global app marketing and growth ecosystem.

After careful deliberation the team of 16 independent judges chose Yodel Mobile to be the winner.

The App Growth Innovation award is given to any brand, agency, service provider or developer that has created new and innovative channels, techniques, tactics or strategies to increase growth in the app ecosystem. It was a tough call to innovative app growth teams around the globe to take on this challenge and prove they are worth of the award. The app ecosystem is highly competitive, with lots of talent and investment, to help a particular app to win over its competitors and grow takes a lot of creativity.

Yodel Mobile team at the 2019 App Growth Awards

Other finalists include:

Our sincere congratulations to the Yodel Mobile team and we’re wishing them a ton of inspiration and drive in the coming 2020 to reach new heights.

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