Yeahmobi – targeting is the biggest challenge facing mobile affiliates

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Running a successful mobile affiliate campaign takes a bit of research, a bit of investment and a great deal of optimisation. But tweaking and optimising your campaign requires suitable tracking and targeting, and according to Peter Zou – CEO of mobile affiliate network YeahMobi – targeting is currently the biggest problem the mobile ad industry needs to solve.
Holding back potential
Zou, who’s YeahMobi CPA network is supported by thousands of direct advertisers and lead generation programs, tells us targeting is the biggest reason advertisers are holding back spend on mobile, but he is confident a solution will be found.
“The big challenge we are facing now is targeting. I believe it is the main reason why big brands are cautious about spending on mobile, since they do not know who are seeing their ads,” says Peter Zhou.
“I am 100 positive that this problem will be solved,” he continues. “There are two main OS – Android and iOS. For Android, cookies work, so the theory which we are using on web should be ok with Android. For iOS, I believe in one and half years, they will give us the solutions. The problem will be solved for sure.”
Optimising for success
While Peter Zhou thinks that targeting remains a problem, he has been working hard on developing a workaround for tracking problems and campaign optimisation with YeahMobi’s latest product, the YeahMobi Optimizer. This tracking systems provides several features that help YeahMobi’s affiliates better optimise their campaigns. Affiliates can access more info such as demographics, user carriers, handsets, mobile OS and even user hobbies – which help mitigate targeting issues.
“In our tracking system, we provide several features which can help our affiliates do better targeting. First, with our demand side platform (DSP), you can access the WAP site list and app list directly, we are a transparent DSP. Second, at our optimization system, from handset, we can give you more info like demographic, users’ hobby or character.”
Peter Zou says what makes his approach different from competitor solutions is that he relies a lot more on feedback from media buyers in developing features. “Media buyers know exactly what function they need to make the tool works and easy to use.”

Barrier to entry
The other issue Yeahmobi is currently trying to address is the problem of pre-payments.  Many affiliates can not afford big pre-payments to get stable premium traffic, with most premium ad networks “requesting $10k-$25k prepayment to start off”.  This is because advertisers still have no idea who is clicking on their ads and hence what the quality of the traffic really is, pre-payment costs are unlikely to ease-up anytime soon.
“I do not know why they need prepayment,” Peter Zhou says. “We did prepayment and all of them failed to reach our performance goals since we are doing performance marketing. In my opinion, prepayment means we can get higher quality traffic, but now on mobile, I think it is really hard to define good traffic or bad traffic. However, I do not think the cost is going to come down. The reason is there is always advertisers who want premium traffic.”
Money to be made on mobile
Nevertheless, despite the current issues facing mobile affiliates, there is still plenty of money to be made for those willing to put in the effort and learn the tricks of the trade. According to Yeahmobi thetop earners are raking in $30k to $50k per month and there are plenty of affiliates earning thousands per day, with education-related offers and insurance related-offers proving big earners.
Moreover, Peter Zou says that his own 5-year background in affiliate marketing means that he’s built a mobile CPA network that aims to build a better relationship with its affiliates.
“We’ve spent tons of money and people on YeahMobi over the past year,” says Yeahmobi. “The thing I want to stress here is we are damn serious on this, it is not just another network. We know cash flow means a lot especially for mobile marketing, which is why we pay weekly. First check or wire for mobile affiliates means a lot. We were affiliate and we know exactly what our affiliates want.”
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