Yeahmobi Rolls Out Clientgear Platform To Improve Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Posted: July 18, 2016

Yeahmobi, the mobile performance marketing platform, just launched a new FMP Clientgear which enables intelligent management of Facebook ad campaign, and thus largely improves efficiency of campaign management and ROI.
Audience defining on the Clientgear platform
The FMP is an ad campaign launching system entirely designated for Facebook API. Though Facebook opens its native campaign launching system to advertisers, as the tech mammoth reaches to 127 countries in the world, posts over 7800 billion messages and 400 billion photos on the website, and has monthly active users of 1.23 billion, reaching a specific group of audience seems to be an increasingly challenging task. When everybody is opening account on Facebook, and launching campaigns with a same system, a targeted improvements on details could make great difference and generate a much better result.
Budget and bids on Clientgear
Product manager of Clientgear, Haiyan Zhan said, “For those operating in niche businesses in vertical market, like a specific ecommerce or gaming section, individualized and intelligent optimization is vital to business. When advertisers plan to launch a campaign under specific circumstances, precise positioning through multiple filters is inevitable. It is often a laborious task to go through on Facebook’s domestic launching system. But with Clientgear, it will be a lot easier.”
Clientgear reaches to the profound attribution of an ad campaign, to probe the real influence an ad has on audiences. When setting campaigns, user of Clientgear will be able to set multiple keywords in filters, like audience, interest, region, etc. And after launching the campaign, the system automatically monitors and gathers real-time data of a campaign, predicts future tendency, and distinguishes high potential campaigns from those needs to be shut down.
Ad campaign data
In addition to optimization on launching settings, Clientgear also use A/B test module to compare results when different strategies are deployed. “Through A/B Test, advertisers could instantly see the differences when different targeting groups, different bids, or different creatives are in use” Zhan said.
Other features like prewarning function are also among the highlights of the new product. The function sends warning message to advertisers when campaign strays away from original settings, and thus avoids mistakes and losses during campaign.
The system has been open for registration here. You can also contact

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