Yahoo adds mobile native video and app install ad units

Peter Keung | April 27, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Yahoo is expanding its mobile and video offerings and plans to launch native video ads and app installs. Clients are able to feature their video ads on Yahoo’s homepage and apps as well as its digital magazines.
Yahoo launches native video ads for mobile devices through Gemini
Native video ads are an expansion of the group’s Stream Ads, which are image and text based ads that appear across the sites. Videos will play on mute and site visitors can scroll over them to unmute. If the ad plays for three seconds, marketers will be charged a view. Available through Yahoo Gemini, app publishers can easily schedule and run their own campaigns. In addition, marketers are able to use Flurry analytics to track the success of their ads.
Prashant Fuloria, SVP of Advertising Products, Yahoo, says:

“Today more than ever, consumers are showing they love engaging with digital video across all their devices. At Yahoo, we believe that ads should be as delightful and engaging as the best content on web, which is why I’m thrilled to announce these two new powerful formats to help advertisers to reach their audiences.”

Yahoo launches these ad options ahead of its Newfronts presentation on 27. April 2015. The company said total video streaming increased by 16% in Q1 2015 due to autoplay. In addition, 600 million of its monthly user base accessed the site via mobile devices. Yahoo’s mobile, video, native and social ad initiatives generated $1 billion in revenue during 2014, according to the company’s Q1 earning’s call.
John Dionisio, Senior Director Performance Marketing, Zynga, a provider of social games which tested the new service, says: 

“Flurry, and now Yahoo, video app install ads have brought us high quality installs and highly engaged customers. We rely on them for both new game launches and sustained, profitable install campaigns.”

According to testing by Yahoo, the ads already increased brand favourability by 50% with intent to purchase up 28%. Of those who installed apps on their mobile devices after watching a video ad, 40% use the app more often and up to 20% longer.

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