Wooga: ‘There’s too much distrust between app marketers and users’

Publishers and advertisers should work harder at building trust with users if they want to increase retention, says Wooga‘s App Store Optimisation manager Tom Leclerc.
According to Leclerc, there is currently too much distrust between users and app publishers. He tells us that advertisers need to focus on the issue of retention before a download actually takes place.
Wooga ASO manager Tom Leclerc:

“A large part of retention is trust,” says Leclerc. “I think what a lot of app developers and publishers may not know is that retaining users starts before a download happens. As an industry, we shouldn’t be aiming for the kind of rabid download-at-any-cost attitude that’s so commonplace. This creates a general atmosphere of mistrust amongst users, with so many apps that simply don’t give the user the experience they want.”

The Berlin-based Wooga is one of Europe’s biggest mobile game publishers and knows a thing or two about keeping users happy, with over 10 million users for its hit iOS game Jelly Splash. Leclerc adds there are too many players in the app industry “trying to be something they’re not, at the cost of the industry’s relationship with the customer.” Therefore he says one important element of App Store Optimisation is to help build a relationships, as your app page is a vital channel of communication with users and potential users.
With the problem of app store discovery getting bigger by the day, ASO remains an increasingly important element of the marketing mix and can no longer be ignored by app publishers. We’ll be publishing our full interview with Wooga’s Tom Leclerc – where we discuss the current state of ASO, top ASO tips and much more – later in the week. So check back soon

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