Women are 79% more likely to spend money in your gaming app than men

Andy Boxall | August 21, 2018

App Business

Women are 79% more likely to install your app and eventually pay for in-app game content than men, according to data from Liftoff. Specifically, the install-to-purchase rate is 16.7%, compared to 9.3% for me. This represents a considerable leap for women over 2017, when the install-to-purchase rate was 9.39% for women.

Liftoff writes:

“The message to app marketers: females are a premium user segment, so open the aperture of how you view and pursue this gender. But don’t be blind to some of the more noteworthy differences between males and females, starting with game genre taste and preferences.”

Mobile also has the most even split of male and female gamers, with 52% for men and 48% for women. This is higher than the average 46% spread across all gaming formats, according to Newzoo’s data. It’s also stated that 39% of women discover new games through friends and family, and 20% through social networks.

Liftoff also indicates it’s cheaper for marketers to attract women game players, with an average install-to-purchase cost of $22.99, compared to $39.32 for men.

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