Why React Native is the Most Favorable Framework for Building Native Apps

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Posted: June 4, 2018

Do you have a mobile app idea? And looking to build it on a native platform? Well, you are on your way to find a lot of competition and claims. As the space of mobile apps is already busy and dense. To enter the arena and execute your ideas with great authority and flair, you need to go with great assurance and value. And that should only take you to build the product right to stand big in the competition. 

So, in order to do this effectively and with a great control, you need to put up with a competent platform and go with a dependable process that help you to commit to such quality and value with developing native apps. 

Here, you can be extensively helped in building the native mobile app right with the help of React Native. 

Launched by Facebook, React Native is an open source framework that is being increasingly used by developers worldwide. React Native brings you the easiest way to commit to a native app solution in iOS and Android with its impressive traits and treasures it has to offer for mobile app development.

But why React Native is leading the pack? And what makes it so desirable as a native app development framework? The very first thing that defines React Native is its ability to allow you easily build codes and its reusability across the web and mobile platforms. And all that comes real bright and nice with great combination of features and resources. 

To know more about the reason of its growth and acceptance, let’s see what all it has to offer in terms of features.

Cross-platform benefits

Yeah, the name React Native can put you into a doubt for a moment, but that’s true. Using React Native you can gain cross-platform benefits as it comes as an open-source framework that allows you to build both iOS and Android apps simultaneously. And that is by using just one codebase. You can apply the framework’s UI components to an existing code base to build a new app without any rewriting at all! Thus, one-codebase-for-all format leads to great cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Reduced compile time

It’s highly irritating for any mobile app developer to wait for the application to compile and they want to see the least of it when they are into the process of development. React Native understands their need and has allowed them time-optimized results for compilation. On the top of that, they get to add file watchers, that automatically reload the app while saving a file. This simply means that everything on your app is automatically and instantly updated whenever a developer introduces a change or adds something to the app. 

Community driven

React Native is one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks of all. It is backed by a vast community of developers who keep contributing to the information base and adding utility and value to the platform to make it ever more helpful to work with. Also, further adding to the value, you will see a dedicated support team available to keep you served with anything you need to know to go about development with the framework.

Third-party plugin compatibility

It offers you all the compatibility you need to connect with third-party tools, resources and services. For an example, you might need to add route tracking feature to your transportation service based native app. Here, you can add Google Maps functionality to your app and make it serve your purpose invariably and consistently. The level of compatibility and quality it commands integrating third-party plugins allows it to deliver great value output without any glitches or downtimes. The React Native app based on the Google app functionality makes fine use of the device’s functional capabilities to perform functions like zoom, rotate, measure and read directions. And the best part, it all happens with great compatibility and least memory usage.

Strong performance

The framework comes equipped with functional resources and system attributes to support mobile devices effectively. It is all-tuned to serve the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) enabled phones as it is well-appointed to make development for these devices faster with its advanced processing capabilities. Also, making this furthermore resourceful, React Native comes with ‘live reload’ option which allows you to instantly see an updated code as the changes are applied.

Modular and Intuitive

The framework is divided into well-defined and finely sorted modules that are packaged with different offerings to serve users inclusively. The intuitive interface makes it highly easy for developers to effortlessly interact with the framework and build solution with great ease. It comes with Flexbox CSS styling, inline styling, debugging, and support which makes it highly advanced in terms of approaching a solution. Further, it’s easy to apply quality checks and resolving programming lags and issues on React Native, as you get to work with finely-arranged modules for development, testing and maintenance and other operations and tasks.

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Summing up

All this clearly shows how advanced and resourceful React Native is as a development framework. Mostly, when you are looking to build native apps that can be easily replicated across platforms. It offers shorter development cycles and quicker time to deployment, as it is well distributed across easy and interactive modules. Further, any developer with basic knowledge of JavaScript, or HTML5 and CSS can easily get going building apps on React Native and it requires no separate training or learning for that. And as you see, it is a community-driven framework, so you get to see a lot of benefits coming from that front. And the way all these benefits are growing to continuously offer you with an ever-better native platform, it should be offering more power to you with time! 

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