When I Work app announces $200 million funding round

Anne Freer | November 2, 2021

App Deals

When I Work, the messaging app that lets hourly workers sign up to shifts or let managers know when they cannot make it, has just raised $200 million in a new funding round led by Bain Capital.

The app was founded in 2010 with the aim of helping the around 10 million US hourly workers engage more easily with employers to find and manage their shifts.

The latest funding round is based on much growth within this area, specifically after COVID-19 lockdowns that led to some industries like retail closing while others like healthcare came to the fore.

Over the coming months, When I Work plans to double its opportunities in the US market and then expand internationally.

While the app’s main function has always been shift management and communicating with the team, more recently it added payroll and analytics. For example, it recently partnered with financial tech company Clair to add free on-demand pay through Clair’s Payday Wallet to the more than 200,000 shift-based workplaces that use When I Work.

According to Bain Capital, 85% of When I Work users log into the app at least once a week which makes it a very compelling investment.

And while the competition in this field is growing, When I Work may be in a great position to scale more rapidly.

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