WhatsApp makes it easy for shoppers to check out multiple products

Anne Freer | December 9, 2020

App Business

WhatsApp has just made it even easier for shoppers to buy directly from businesses.

The popular messaging apps launched an option for people to order multiple products at once.

This also eases the process on the business end as retailers can fulfil multiple product orders at the same time.

Using ‘carts’, people can now browse product catalogues and select various items.

When they send their selections to the business in a single message the platforms can process the orders more effectively.

Adding products is easy: simply click on the shopping button icon and a catalogue of products will pop up. The browse the offering and tap the products you want to add to the cart.

You can view the cart any time and once you’re happy, you just send a message to the business and the order is fulfilled by the seller.

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