WhatsApp launches View Once feature with Spotify campaign

Anne Freer | October 20, 2021

App Business

WhatsApp his getting serious about is View Once feature and recently partnered with Spotify to launch a campaign with artist Wes Nelson and Zoe Wees to support the launch.

View Once does what it says – users can send a WhatsApp photo or video that is deleted after a single view.

As part of the campaign the two artists share a personal View Once moment in a short video clip and curated playlist of inspirational songs.

Wes Nelson said:

“WhatsApp is how I keep in touch with my friends and family. I send song ideas back and forth with my producers and other artists. View Once is a great way for me to share unfinished ideas as I’m working on them. My playlist is simply a selection of some of my favourite songs that I’m listening to at the moment.”

As part of the campaign WhatsApp is tapping into a new brand profile on Spotify and on-platform advertising that will target free Spotify users.

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