WhatsApp adds its own emoji library to Android beta app

Andy Boxall | October 4, 2017

App Development

WhatsApp has introduced its own emoji library in the latest Android app. Currently in beta only, the new catalog is heavily influenced by iOS’s emoji style, and different to all the other emoji’s in Facebook-owned apps.

Examining the new WhatsApp emoji’s reveal only a few differences between then and Apple’s library. For example, the ghost emoji’s eyes are now the same, and the hearts are much larger on the heart-eyes face.

WhatsApp previously used emoji native to the platform on which the app was running. This is the first time it has introduced its own emoji, likely to end confusion between users communicating across different platforms.

However, the new emoji library is only part of the WhatsApp beta, and hasn’t spread across to the main apps at the time of writing. This may mean other changes will take place, or even that the feature may never be publicly released.

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