What’s more effective – targeting campaigns by demographics or interest?

Anne Freer | December 1, 2021

App Business

Meta just published a new report that helps consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) marketers and advertisers to hone in on their specific audiences.

Should they pursue demographics or interests when targeting customers.

The analysis, based on 50 CPG campaigns in EMEA, found that no single approach works best.

The analysis found hat when reach was restricted by interest area, demographics did all the heavy lifting and delivered double the reach (+99%) over interest audiences for the same budget.

Demographic strategies were 1.6x more likely to win and drive cost-efficiency.

The findings highlight how efficiency is impacted when reach is restricted.

For less restricted campaigns, interest and demographic targeting delivered similar results for the same budget and drove cost-efficient brand outcomes.

Reach in demographic strategies outperformed interest slightly by 20%.

While interest-based audience targeting may drive higher purchase intent, demographics are a good choice for brand awareness and messaging.

Thus, the optimal strategy has to be one that is informed by the campaign objectives and is balanced according to shifting results or aims.

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